CONCORD, MA – Florida Vote By Mail Postcard Pickup


Post Cards for Vote By Mail — Information

Concord pickup

Location: Concord Center (street address provided via email)


Florida Vote By Mail – 24 Post Cards/Packet ($20 donation)

Send postcards to Democratic-leaning voters in the critical swing state of Florida to encourage them to sign up to Vote By Mail. 

  • Let me know how many packets you want and when you will be coming by so that I can put them out for you. Please take the packet assigned to you. Your name will be on it.
  • I will do my best to accommodate same-day requests, but I would prefer next-day ones, if possible.
  • Each packet has instructions on how to fill out the cards as well as when to mail them. If you have any questions when you get home, don’t hesitate to check with me.
  • Stamps (48/packet) are included in the packets, as are sealing stickers. All you’ll need is a pen! 
  • I can make up packets in multiples of 24 cards. Let me know if you want 48, 72, 96, or even more.
  • The packets will be in a plastic bin next to the firewood rack on our front porch alongside the driveway.
  • I try to assemble the packets (with well-washed hands) and seal them at least 24 hours before distribution. Feel free to set yours aside for as long as you feel comfortable if you want to be assured that the contents are Coronavirus-free.
  • Please leave $20/packet (donation to cover the cost of stamps, printing, & supplies) when you pick up your cards.
    • Electronic payment via Venmo or Zelle
    • Check, or
    • Cash. If you are leaving cash, please leave it in an envelope with your name on it.

NEW/IMPORTANT: The Palm Beach County Democratic Committee has requested that volunteers fill out and submit, via email, a Notice of Intent to Make an In-Kind Contribution before mailing the postcards. You can download the form here: If you prefer a paper copy, please let me know and I will add one to your packet.

Campaign State: Florida
Action Type: Postcards/Mailing

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