The goals for posting to Facebook and other social media are to:

  • Drive people who are likely to consume content on https://togetherweelect.org/ and take one or more of the political actions, attend one or more of the political events or donate to one or more of the key candidates described on the Together for 2020 website.
  • Recruit volunteers, ask people to activate their personal networks and mobilize them to act.

The goal of this Action Kit is to provide best practice and motivation for progressive activists to regularly post, comment and promote good quality activist actions, events and donation opportunities. Encourage  Facebook users to transition from complaining to progressive and effective action to save our Democracy. When they share these key posts to their network, we grow a national network of activists!

Campaign State: National/Multi-State
Action Type: Social Media Activism
Coordinator: Gari Palmer

Facebook Activism Overview

1. Interactive Activism

  • Research shows that people are more likely to participate in causes with social or interactive aspects that have a personal feel. It is important to evoke emotion in the post and then provide a concrete action (i.e., link to a specific T2020 action). to align with that emotion.
  • In the time of COVID-19, social media provides one of the best ways to ensure that progressive change is accessible to everyone. Focus on actions that can be done from the safety of your home.
  • Let people know that small steps put together make a difference. Present Social Media Activism Warriors as as Valid and Powerful and let them know that all modalities (texting, phone banking, etc) are helpful.
  • Share, share and then share. Even if you cannot participate in a specific progressive action or event, sharing that information to your friends and to other like-minded groups will raise awareness, encourage folks to take action and let them know that they are part of a team for change. With a little bit of FB searching you are bound to find like-minded groups to join. For example, Deadheads for Democracy, the Environmental Awareness Group, Christians Against Trump. etc. If you are representing the page of an organization, be sure to like those groups so they will like you.
  • Speaking of sharing. Share your events to Demcast, a non-profit organization whose mission is to amplify the voices of grassroots activists and groups. Use this link to submit written content, calendar events or graphics to be shared: https://demcastusa.com/contribute-content-to-demcast/

Facebook Posting Best Practice

1. Attracting people to your post

  • Make use of videos, photos, graphics and links vs plain text. Use emojis, pictures and gifs! See Demcast link below in Useful Links.
  • Keep it short. Make it interesting – even fun!
  • Comments and discussions are what bump posts up to the top of feeds, not likes, so try to encourage discussion.
  • Reply to comments on your posts and other people’s related posts. Direct your comments to ask them to take some action on Together for 2020 once you have started a dialog.
  • Tag friends and encourage them to tag their friends.

2. Engaging content

  • Timely posts.
  • Open discussions, questions and polls.
  • Relatable content – personal story/footage.
  • Truth always.

Useful Links

1. Together for 2020 - Facebook

This is the home page for the Together for 2020 Facebook group.




2. Together for 2020 - Individual Activist

This link should be shared with people who are new to activism and volunteering. This section of the Together for 2020 website is an excellent introduction to the numerous ways to easily make a difference in this election and contains a wealth of actions, events and donation opportunities for you to share on social media.

Activist Dashboard


3. Together for 2020 - Organizer

This is an excellent link to share with folks who are leaders and already part of the activist scene. The information on this website will give them a wealth of opportunities to continue to lead in our movement.

Organizers Dashboard


4. Free, progressive graphics

Demcast provides excellent, topical and free graphics for you to use when posting to social media. The graphics are sorted by focus / issue.




Social Media Statistics

1. Some useful information

  • 72% of Americans use Social Media
  • Social Media needs to be part of our strategy to win
  • Need to target people where they are. Example, if someone is talking about Pennsylvania, share a link to the Take Action- By State – Pennsylvania webpage
  • Content must be customized to the specific platform. Example, do not post long textual diatribes to Facebook. They will likely not get liked, commented on or even read
  • Most people use Facebook in the middle of the week during the middle of the day – a good time to post
  • Facebook has twice as many users as the next tool (Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter)
  • Youtube is the most popular Social Media platform

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