Join the MVP Donor Organizing Program


Movement Voter Project is a national organization that raises money to fund local grassroots organizations and support their work, with an eye towards winning elections and creating lasting political transformation.

Join the Donor Organizing Program, a movement of donors organizing their own networks.

Movement Voter PAC
Campaign State: National/Multi-State
Action Type: Fundraisers


Get started!

1. Sign up with MVP

Sign up to volunteer on the MVP website to get connected and receive email updates about opportunities to get involved.


2. Create a fundraising page

Create a fundraising page on the MVP website that you can use to invite your friends, family, and personal network to invest in the MVP movement.


3. Join or organize a volunteer team

Find ways to organize with fellow volunteers on the MVP website:

  • Join the Slack community.
  • Join or organize a volunteer team.
  • Organize an event.

See how to join or organize an MVP volunteer team or host a virtual MVP house party with support from experienced MVP volunteers. Learn about other ways to join the action and support local organizations.

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