Lead a Voter Drive in Arizona!


Join Field Team 6 in registering voters in Arizona! This election season, every vote counts, and you can make a difference in the midterms by registering voters in your state.

Hosting your own voter drive is easier than you might think with these simple training materials and links to state-specific resources. Arizona is one of ten states in which we are rallying volunteers like you to conduct voter drives.

Thank you for helping save the world!

Expand the steps below, or use the Arizona Voter Drive in a Box.

Questions? Contact helpmydrive@FieldTeam6.org.

Arizona flag as ballot
Campaign State: Arizona
Action Type: Voter Registration

Sponsor: Field Team 6

1. Get started

Find information to train your volunteers at the beginning of your drive.



2. Get prepared

  • Pick a location: the best are community colleges, courthouses, or big libraries. For help, use our Hot Spots Directory. If your area is not listed, contact us!
  • Print out an Arizona Brief and Sign-up Sheet for each clipboard.
  • Prepare clipboards with a brief, sign-up sheet, 8 voter forms, and stickers if you got ‘em.

3. Run the drive

  • Train your volunteers in about 15 minutes, using what you have learned. This printable Training Cheat Sheet has every point you need to hit!
  • Review how to register Democrats using your state’s paper forms and clipboards, or with Voterizer.org/field.
  • Take a group photo. Post it on social media with the #Voterizer and #RegisterDemocrats or @FieldTeam_6 (Twitter) to spread the love!
  • Assign everyone their hot spot, and let them know when to regroup, usually 2 hours later. Ideally, send out groups of 2-5, pairing up newbies with seasoned pros.

Let’s go register some Democrats!


4. After the drive

  • Collect all completed voter forms and sign-up sheets. Mail voter forms to your County Recorder (address is on the back of the form) within 24 hours to be safe! (You have 5 days, legally.)

Thank you for your efforts in getting out the vote!

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