Phonebanking for Chief Val Demings


Call Florida voters and encourage supporters of Chief Val Demings to vote and volunteer for her campaign!

Included in this Action Kit:

  • Information about HubDialer, the predictive dialing system
  • What to expect when making calls
  • Talking points

Campaign State: Florida
Action Type: Phoning


1. Introduction to HubDialer

HubDialerSM allows you to make calls using predictive dialing technology, connecting you to voters quickly without the need to enter any phone numbers yourself.

After signing in to HubDialer online, you will connect over the phone by dialing the number provided.

What to expect:

  • When you confirm you’re ready, you will hear hold music and see a waiting screen.
  • As your first call connects, you will hear a beep and see the call script on your screen. Introduce yourself and follow the script.
  • Mark responses on your screen. You can also add comments or notes.
  • When the call is complete, make sure all of the information is entered correctly.
  • When you are ready for the next call, click Next Call.
  • When you’re done making calls, use the “This is my last call” button.

Don’t Hang Up! You’ll stay on the phone until you finish making calls. When you finish speaking with someone, stay on the line to be connected to the next call.

What if the call goes to voicemail?

If you are connected to voicemail, click “This is voicemail” at the top of the page. You will automatically be moved back to the hold queue for your next call.

What if they hang up?

If they hang up, HubDialer will prompt you over the phone to enter the call results.


2. Talking points

Get familiar with some talking points so you can sound as natural as possible and feel comfortable making calls. The script itself will automatically appear in HubDialer, so you can read it directly.

You will begin by introducing yourself:

Hello! Is ________ available? My name is __________ and I’m volunteering for Chief Val Demings! How are you?

Chief Val Demings is running to lower costs for working Floridians and ensure everyone has the opportunity to live the American Dream. Can she count on your vote this November for US Senate?

Talking points/Personal Story Worksheet: undecided voters

Think about how you would like to speak about each of the issues below.

Talk about why you are volunteering for FDP and what is at stake in this election:

Issue Your experience and values Val Demings’ values and plans
The economy/jobs Example: “As someone who used to work minimum wage jobs…” Chief Demings knows that people are hurting. As someone who grew up as the daughter of a maid and a janitor and worked at McDonalds. She knows all too well the fear people are feeling.Her priority is lowering prices and supporting working families. She is fighting to lower the cost of gas, cut taxes for working men and women, and make housing and healthcare more affordable. She has lived the American Dream, and is fighting to give every Floridian the chance to do the same.
Abortion/The Supreme Court Example: “When I chose to start my family…” Chief Demings will stand up for us against those who want to control our bodies and make the most personal, intimate decisions about our health for us. Marco Rubio supports abortion bans without exceptions for victims of rape and incest. As a law enforcement officer, Demings locked up rapists and sexual abusers. She knows we can’t strip rights from their victims. In the Senate she will speak out and fight relentlessly for a woman’s right to control her own body and is committed to supporting legislation codifying abortion access into federal law.
Health care Example: “As someone who has personally struggled with the high cost of the prescription drugs I need…” Chief Demings believes that affordable and accessible healthcare is a right, not a privilege. In Congress, she has fought to preserve the Affordable Care Act, expand access to affordable health care, and lower the cost of prescription drugs. She recently fought to pass the Inflation Reduction Act, which will reduce the cost of prescription drugs that are covered by Medicare. Chief Demings supports Medicaid expansion as Florida is 1 out of 12 states that have yet to do so.
Lowering crime and keeping you safe As the former Orlando Chief of Police, and a law enforcement officer of 27 years, Val Demings knows what it takes to keep our communities safe. During her time as Chief, they were able to lower violent crime by 40%. The largest reduction of violent crime in the city’s history. They were able to do that by bringing the police and the community together. Val Demings believes that everybody counts, but also that everybody is accountable. Chief Demings believes that to create safer communities we need to do two things, we need to invest in our law enforcement departments, hire the brightest and the best officers, make sure they have the necessary equipment and resources, and get them the training they need to fight crime and keep their communities on the other hand. On the other hand, we need to address the social ills that lead to crime in the first place. We need to address poverty, expand access to affordable, quality healthcare, increase the availability of affordable housing, and invest in our public education school system. We can’t just arrest our way to safer communities, we need a two step approach to community safety. In the House of Representatives, she’s fought for those things to make our communities safer and ensure that all Floridians can achieve the American Dream.

3. Start making calls

Use this HubDialer link to get started. If you have never used this dialer before, you can easily sign up with your email and full name.

Follow the instructions to connect using your phone, and make sure your phone and computer are charged and ready to go.

Thanks for making a difference in this campaign!

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