Reach unregistered voters by mail in New Jersey’s CD7


Join with Action Together New Jersey to make it easier for unregistered, likely Democratic voters to register to vote! You will send three things by mail:

  • A voter registration information sheet
  • A voter registration application
  • A sticky note from you — the volunteer and fellow voter!


Following redistricting, Rep. Tom Malinowski is at a disadvantage — the 7th District has leaned Democratic, but Malinowski won by just 1 percentage point in 2020 and is now at risk of being ousted by Senate Minority Leader Tom Kean, R-Union. See the 2022 map.

With your help, we can reach out to residents of this district and get out the vote!


Campaign State: New Jersey
Action Type: Postcards/Mailing, Voter Registration


1. What you will send

You will be sending unregistered voters a mailer containing:

  • Voter registration information sheet with QR codes to check voter registration and register online.
  • Voter Registration Application that also allows them to sign up to vote by mail and declare a political party in order to vote in the June closed primary election.
    • This form is also prepaid statewide, regardless of county — so no stamp is needed to return it.
  • A personalized sticky note from you.

What you need to supply:

  • stamps
  • envelopes
  • sticky notes
  • blank Voter Registration Application (print using the above link to the PDF, or get from your municipal clerk).



2. Sign up

  1. Sign up using this Google form to volunteer. This is first-come, first-served. You will also use this form if you’d like another batch of names.
  2. Please pay a one-time $10 donation (per volunteer) to support this program.

Democratic clubs and committees are welcome to request their town’s list of voters. If you do not get your town’s list, it means someone else already got it and has them covered. We do not yet know how we can sort or generate the list, but we always endeavor to do it by town within the district.

The minimum number of mailings you will do is 100. Get 3 of your friends signed up to make this easier!

Once you sign up, you will receive the following by email:

  • voter lists
  • volunteer instructions, including what to write
  • a Voter Information Sheet, which you will print locally.

3. Mail the packets

You can drop these in the mail as soon as you get them done.

The last day to register to vote in the Primary Election is May 17, so the drop dead date for this program is May 10th, which allows time for the mailing to arrive and for voters to register.


4. Promote this activity

We are gathering pictures of our volunteers doing this work. Please send pics to By sending us your picture(s), you are indicating you allow us to post these photos publicly on our website at This is an important way to help us get funding so we can do more of these volunteer-to-voter initiatives.


5. Questions?

Please reach out to us at with any questions.

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