Social Media Activism – Take it Online


Being a social media user means you have power to amplify the efforts and issues that are important to you. The algorithm that determines how visible any given post is depends on the engagement it receives. Engagement comes in many forms: “likes” (smallest engagement), comments (next important) and shares with comments (most valued engagement). By engaging with posts with likes, comments and shares you can boost their prominence in the feeds of like-minded activists, making them aware of candidates and volunteer opportunities.

Start by locating our social media accounts:


Campaign State: National/Multi-State
Action Type: Social Media Activism
Coordinator: Michelle Olson Deborah Shah


An account’s “clout” often comes from how many followers they have. Often considered a “vanity metric”, users still use follower count to gauge the legitimacy of a particular account so by following your favorite candidates and activist groups, you’re helping them stand out.


By “liking” something, you are offering the first tier of engagement and helping the platform to understand whether or not something is of interest. This is the most simple way to engage and often involves tapping a heart or “thumbs up” icon to show your support.


Sharing your thoughts with why you like a particular piece of content, why you support the account or why the topic matters to you adds value to your engagement. The algorithm is dependent on an engagement rate which is a formula that combines all engagement activity (likes, comments and shares) and divides the sum by the amount of followers a particular account has. The more activity, the higher the rate and the more success an account will have going “viral” and gaining more attention.


Sharing, (sometimes referred to as “reposting” or “re-tweeting” depending on the platform) is a way to repurpose content from another account directly to your account and share it directly with your followers.
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