Voter Registration in VA


Send postcards to non-registered voters in Virginia, encouraging them to register.

Register Voters in VA with Field Team 6.

VA voters can registers anytime up to election day.

Campaign State: Virginia
Action Type: Postcards/Mailing, Voter Registration

Sponsor: Field Team 6

1. Watch the "How To" Video


2. Confirm Your Email


3. Get Material

  • Buy beautiful postcards that are works of art!
  • Buy your own postcards.
  • Buy postcard stamps
  • If providing your own postcards, buy Avery 94103Avery 5160, or Avery 8160 to print and attach QR codes to your cards.

4. Get Addresses

Go to Get Addresses and select a campaign.


5. Optional - Join a Training Session

Learn how our postcarding program works and/or write with company at our Wednesday and Sunday virtual postcarding parties!


6. Write Like the Wind!

Write Like the Wind! Your handwritten words will inspire people to register to vote!
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