Write postcards to CA voters


Make sure California voters in competitive districts know what President Biden and Democrats in Congress have done:

  • Five million Americans have gained health insurance.
  • CA will receive $84 million to prevent and combat wildfires.

Every CA Republican in Congress voted against the bills that made all this possible. Join us in getting out the message to California voters.

Activate America provides voter addresses and scripts to volunteers. Your job is to send handwritten postcards to voters. Studies have shown postcards can impact voters’ behavior.

Campaign State: California
Action Type: Postcards/Mailing

Sponsor: Activate America

Send postcards to CA voters with Activate America

1. Sign up

  • Enter your name and contact information.
  • Select the California Accountability (49) option under Which campaign will you write postcards for?
  • Enter the number of postcards you want to write. The minimum is 25.

2. What's next?

You will receive the number of voter names and addresses you requested, along with a script, within 72 hours.


3. Write the postcards

Use the script you received to hand-write the postcards. Write your message on a plain index card that meets USPS regulations, between 3.5″ x 5″  and 4.25″ x 6″. If you order these from Amazon, search for “patriotic postcards.”



4. Mail the postcards

Mail completed cards within 2-3 weeks after you receive your list, by the date included in the script.



5. Questions?

Contact Johanna at johanna@activateamerica.vote if you have problems.
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