Jay Chen

CA 45 is currently represented by Republican Michelle Steel who claims she’s a moderate but who recently voted against protections for both same sex marriage and contraception.

In June’s jungle primary, Chen narrowly edged Steel. Redistricting has made the district more Democratic (D+3); however, incumbency has its advantages, and the race is currently rated Lean Republican.


A lieutenant commander in the Naval Reserve and small business owner, Jay Chen narrowly edged incumbent Michelle Steel in California’s jungle primary in June. They will face off again this November.

The son of Taiwanese immigrants, Chen  graduated from Harvard and worked extensively in Asia and Latin America for a global strategy consulting firm before returning home to start his business and serve on his school board. Seeking to represent one of the most diverse districts in the country, Chen connects with voters in three languages – Spanish, Mandarin and, of course, English. 


Chen knows, firsthand, the power of military grade weapons. That’s why he has long supported a ban on assault rifles and common sense gun legislation like universal background checks.  

Chen believes that reproductive rights should be protected at all costs and health care decisions should be made between a woman and her doctor without interference from politiciansIn Congress Chen will support legislation to expand funding for reproductive healthcare services like Planned Parenthood as well as services that provide preventative health care, education and access to contraceptives

Chen supports bipartisan climate solutions that are market friendly and will protect our air and water for future generations.  He wants to do more to hold corporate polluters accountable.  He recently said, “Climate change is making droughts more common and more severe. California must address long-term water resiliency by funding emergency drought relief projects, drinking water and wastewater infrastructure, and water-recycling systems.”