Maggie Hassan

Maggie Hassan

Hassan  is running as an independent leader focused on the priorities that matter to the people of New Hampshire, including lowering health care costs

When U.S. Sen. Maggie Hassan unseated Republican U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte in one of the most competitive Senate races of 2016, she won by a mere 1,023 votes. In the 2022 midterm election, Hassan was initially perceived to be one of the three most vulnerable Democrats in the U.S. Senate, but that changed when GOP Gov. Chris Sununu decided not to enter the race.

Another gift may have been granted Hassan in the primary. An extreme right candidate – Don Bolduc – won over a more moderate Republican who was a state senator. Bolduc still touts the Big Lie that Trump won and pushes conspiracy theories about vaccines.

Hassan is running as an independent leader focused on the priorities that matter to the people of New Hampshire, including lowering health care costs, combating the opioid crisis, strengthening the workforce, expanding access to broadband, cutting taxes for small businesses, addressing climate change, and keeping the country safe.

The Cook Political Report designates New Hampshire as Lean D.


Born in Boston and raised in Lincoln, Massachusetts, Maggie Hassan’s parents were politically active and encouraged her to get involved. As a youngster, she collated flyers for the League of Women Voters. Hassan earned her B.A. from Brown University and her J.D. from Northeastern School of Law. She worked as a corporate attorney before entering politics.

Hassan’s decision to first run for office was inspired in large part by her advocacy to ensure that her son Ben, who experiences severe disabilities, and other children like him would have the same opportunities as their peers. She served three terms in the New Hampshire State Senate, was elected the 81st Governor of New Hampshire, and then was elected to the U.S. Senate. Sshe has continued to fight to ensure that all Americans, regardless of personal circumstances, have the opportunity to succeed.

A recipient of the Bipartisan Policy Center’s Legislative Action Award, Hassan teamed up with Republicans to propose dozens of bipartisan bills on issues ranging from tax cuts for innovators to clean energy to supporting veterans’ transition to civilian life. The senator is part of the bipartisan Common Sense Coalition that was able to break the stalemate and help pass an additional bipartisan COVID-19 relief bill. The group continues to meet to try to find a path forward on a number of critical priorities.


Sen. Hassan is committed to protecting a woman’s right to control her own destiny. She is a sponsor of the Women’s Health Protection Act, which would protect a woman’s freedom to decide how and when she wants to start a family without fear that this Constitutional right would be undermined in the courts or by state lawmakers.

A longtime advocate for action on climate change, Hassan has promoted clean air, water, and renewables both as governor and now as senator. She is a co-sponsor of the Clean Energy for America Act and a strong supporter of President Biden’s plan to invest in climate, jobs, and justice. Sen. Hassan also worked across party lines to pass into law legislation to conserve New Hampshire’s lands for future generations and is leading the fight to ban drilling off the New England coast.

Hassan has a longstanding commitment to keeping America safe, secure, and free. She has strongly supported meaningful, common sense gun safety policies such as requiring background checks for all gun sales, encouraging states to pass extreme risk laws, and banning high-capacity magazines. She has supported legislation that will close a dangerous loophole that currently allows domestic abusers to own lethal weapons.