Mandela Barnes

Wisconsin will be a tough battleground. The two most recent presidential elections were both decided by less than 1 percentage point. Biden defeated Trump by 0.7 points, and Trump defeated Clinton by 0.7 points.

Hard working families like Barnes’s don’t want handouts. They just want a fair shot.

Barnes understands the struggles of working people because they are his struggles too. He is running for Senate to rebuild the middle class and give everyone a fair shot at the American dream.


Barnes was born in Milwaukee in one of the most impoverished and incarcerated neighborhoods in the state. His dad worked 3rd shift at the GM factory, and his mom was a Milwaukee school teacher for 30 years. Hisparents taught him the values of hard work, perseverance, and the importance of a good education. Their union jobs were his family’s ticket into the middle class.

After college, Barnes became a community organizer in his hometown before becoming a Wisconsin State Representative, when he stood up to Scott Walker’s anti-union agenda. In 2018, Barneshelped Tony Evers kick Scott Walker out of office and, at 31, became Wisconsin’s first Black Lt. Governor — and only the second Black elected official statewide.

During the pandemic, Barnes was central to the campaign to encourage communities across the state to get vaccinated, traveling to urban and rural areas to energize Wisconsin’s recovery.  In addition, he served as chair of the Governor’s Task Force on Climate Change.


Barnes is strongly pro-choice.  He said in a recent video, “Abortion rights are on the ballot this November. Any politician who believes they have a right to make decisions about a woman’s body is dead wrong and they don’t deserve your vote.”

Barnes also has a long-standing record of addressing climate change.  As chair of the Governor’s Task Force on Climate Change, Barnes brought together people from all regions and walks of life to develop Wisconsin’s first climate action plan.  He has said, “We need bold, powerful action on climate change that breathes new life into our manufacturing industry.”

In his 2018 run for LG, Barnes was named “Gunsense Candidate of Distinction” by Moms Demand Action.  He supports common sense gun reforms, including universal background checks, banning bump stocks,, and stopping the sale of weapons of war for personal use.



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