Seth Magaziner

Seth Magaziner, Rhode Island’s state treasurer, is running for Congress in RI-02 to fight for the middle class and those working hard to join it. As a new father, Magaziner wants his son and every child to grow up in a world that is fair, just, and full of opportunity.

His opponent, Cranston Mayor Allen Fung, paints himself as a pragmatic moderate but has strong support from Kevin McCarthy. Democrats can’t afford to lose this seat in a district rated D+4 because ceding control of Congress would put a national abortion ban front and center.


Born and raised in Rhode Island, the grandson of immigrants, Magaziner graduated from Brown University and Yale School of Management.  After college, Magaziner worked as an elementary school teacher at Creswell Elementary School in Hurricane Katrina–ravaged Opelousas, Louisiana.  After graduate school, Magaziner went to work at Trillium Asset Management, a Boston, Massachusetts-based socially responsible investment firm, as a vice president and lead analyst for energy, banking, and diversified financial sector investment

Magaziner has served as Rhode Island’s general treasurer since 2015 where he has delivered results for the 2nd Congressional District by investing in education, job creation, and clean energy infrastructure. As chair of the state’s school Building Task Force, he led a statewide school construction initiative that created over 28,000 jobs and repaired or replaced over 200 schools. In addition, he launched innovative clean energy financing programs that have helped cities and towns build solar, wind and climate resiliency projects, saving taxpayers money and reducing fossil fuel emissions. 


Magaziner will always fight for the rights of women to make their own health care decisions without the interference of politicians. That’s why he helped pass the Reproductive Privacy Act to codify Roe v. Wade into Rhode Island state law. In Congress, Magaziner will continue to fight for a woman’s right to choose and will support codifying Roe v. Wade into federal law.  

As state treasurer, Magaziner created clean energy programs at the state Infrastructure Bank that have saved taxpayer dollars, created good-paying jobs, and helped small businesses reduce costs – all while reducing fossil fuel emissions. In Congress, he will continue his work to lower the cost of energy by suspending the federal gas tax, holding billionaire oil companies accountable for price gouging, and investing in affordable clean energy.

Magaziner believes that ending gun violence shouldn’t be a partisan issue. He supports banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, the weapons of war most often used in mass shootings. As state treasurer, Magaziner ended the state’s investment in companies that manufacture assault weapons for non-military use and worked to pass laws making schools gun-free zones and banning high-capacity magazines.



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