Steven Horsford

Steven Horsford

Steven Horsford has dedicated his life to advocating for Las Vegas and his community.

Redistricting more than doubled President Biden’s 2020 margin in Nevada’s 4th congressional district, from a 4-point margin to an 8.4-point margin.  The district is now D+3 but is still rated a tossup since Republicans are targeting it as a potential flip.

U.S. Rep. Steven Horsford is a strong advocate for expanding affordable healthcare, lowering prescription costs, creating economic opportunities for all, and funding and implementing job training programs that will help get Nevadans the skills they need to succeed in life and at work. 

His opponent this year will be Sam Peters, a veteran, and insurance business owner endorsed by the most MAGA extreme members of his party like Representatives Andy Biggs and Paul


Steven Horsford was born and raised in Las Vegas and has dedicated his life to advocating for his community. As the son of a single mother, he worked multiple jobs to help support his younger siblings and was the first in his family to attend college. He later led the state’s largest career training program at Nevada’s Culinary Training Academy, where he helped train and place thousands of Nevadans in good-paying jobs in the hospitality and other in-demand industries. He later founded his own job-training company. 

After some time overseeing the Culinary Training Academy, Horsford won a seat in the Nevada Senate and quickly rose to the rank of Senate Majority Leader. While in the Senate, he spearheaded the effort to work across party lines to solve the state’s worst budget crisis. 

Initially elected to U.S. Congress in 2012, Horsford was defeated in 2014 and returned to represent NV-04 in 2018. He has passed legislation to invest in job training programs so Nevada workers can gain the skills they need to succeed and to bring down the cost of prescription drugs by allowing Medicare to negotiate lower prices. During the pandemic, Cong. Horsford delivered relief checks to working families and assistance to over 100,000 Nevada small businesses, while helping thousands of Nevadans stay in their homes.


Rep. Horsford knows firsthand the traumatic toll that gun violence takes on our families and communities because his father was killed in a random act of gun violence when Steven was 19 years old. Horsford has been a leader in the fight to pass universal background checks and to close loopholes that allow individuals who have committed domestic abuse to access firearms. He also introduced the Break the Cycle of Violence Act, a landmark piece of legislation that would allocate $6.5 billion for effective community-based violence intervention programs and create a new Office of Community Violence Intervention and a National Community Violence Response Center within the Department of Health and Human Services.

A strong supporter of a woman’s right to bodily autonomy, Rep. Horsford reacted strongly when the Dobbs decision was handed down.  “The Supreme Court decision this morning reverses a 50-year precedent and goes against the wishes of a MAJORITY of Americans for access to safe and legal abortion in our country. We need to codify Roe and pass the Women’s Health Protection Act,” he said.

Rep. Horsford believes that climate change is not some far-off occurrence. It’s happening now, and if we allow this to continue, this will be our new reality. We must do more, we must vote to move our country in a better direction. This past Earth Day, he said “ I’m reminded of the youth who need us to get this right. Clean energy is key to solving climate change. As a member of the House Natural Resources, I’m fighting to protect our home—Mother Earth.”