Connections: Ally Liaisons

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Our allies are key to the success of Together We Elect. The Alliances team builds and maintains our relationships with activist groups — both local groups working in swing states and national groups that host actions to support campaigns in swing states. One of our successes has been to connect our allies with each other so that the lines of communication flow more smoothly. 


If you are someone who enjoys working with dynamic individuals and groups, this is a great opportunity for you. Your efforts will help all of us work more effectively and enhance the scope of our mission. An ally a liaison will: 

  • Help identify activist groups that will find value in Together We Elect’s work
  • Help build an ecosystem of alliances in one of the swing states by identifying in-state groups in the best position to make use of remote volunteers
  • Maintain our communications and foster our relationships with allies to the mutual benefit of all
  • Be part of organizing allies meetings as learning and community-building events, where our allies can learn from each other, find ways to support each other, and identify and implement ways to be more effective by working together

If you have interest in working with us, please reach out to Gari, our volunteer engagement coordinator.

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