Pat Ryan

Pat Ryan

Ryan’s life has been shaped by a desire to serve his community.

Representative Pat Ryan (NY-18) sees himself as being shaped by his years as a West Point cadet, living by their motto: “Duty, Honor, Country.” He ran for Congress as a Democrat, “to bring that ethos to Washington, where it’s desperately needed.”

He adds, “I took an oath to support and defend the constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. I always perceived the greatest threat to be foreign, but it is clear with right-wing attacks on our democracy, women’s healthcare, and our ability to keep guns off our streets, we must stand up to domestic extremists.” Ryan is concerned that today, “freedoms are literally being ripped away from people.”


Born in 1982 in Kingston NY, Ryan graduated from the United States Military Academy in 2004 with a BS in international politics, then continued his education, earning earn an MA in security studies. He did two combat tours in Iraq, then co-founded a software company among other achievements.

A fifth-generation Ulster County native, he became active in Ulster County politics, then ran for Congress, winning a special election race in August, 2022, which he followed up with a victory in the November general election.

He lives in Gardiner NY with his wife, Rebecca, and their two sons.


  • “I believe in a country where we don’t let our kids and our seniors go hungry, and we never break faith with our veterans.”
  • “We cannot stop fighting until reproductive rights are guaranteed for every woman.”
  • Wants to make sure the right to vote is protected.
  • Prioritizes keeping our communities safe, both voting for bigger law-enforcement budgets and “common sense gun reforms.”
  • Sees climate change as “the greatest threat to our future.”