Gabriel Vasquez

Redistricting substantially improved Democratic prospects for NM-02. Heavily Republican Roswell was moved out of the district, and portions of Albuquerque moved in, transforming the seat to a true majority Hispanic district and from a Trump +12 to a Biden +6.

However, it remains a tossup race for newcomer Gabriel Vasquez against incumbent and oil and gas industry favorite Yvette Herrell. Herrell has served only one term in Congress and strongly allies herself with Donald Trump. She objected to the certification of Arizona’s and Pennsylvania’s electoral votes in one of her first congressional acts.


The son of immigrants, Vasquez grew up on both sides of the border and saw firsthand the important cross-border connections and relationships that support families and businesses in New Mexico.

After building one of Las Cruces’ most successful startups, Vasquez joined U.S. Sen. Martin Heinrich’s staff and worked across southern New Mexico to solve problems. He was instrumental in the designation of the Organ Mountains Desert Peaks National Monument, safeguarding it for future generations. In 2017, he was elected to the Las Cruces City Council and has delivered millions of dollars in investment to create parks, update the district’s infrastructure, and craft a comprehensive development plan focused on listing families out of poverty.


Vasquez strongly supports a woman’s right to reproductive health and will oppose any attempt by Republicans in Congress to ban access to abortion, birth control, or to prevent women from having the right to choose.

A self professed outdoorsman and a committed environmentalist, Vasquez will work to encourage a transition to clean energy, like wind and solar, and believes we can continue to grow our economy by electrifying our homes, cars, and businesses. Vasquez believes that New Mexico is home to some of the best research facilities in the nation and should be leading the effort in new energy technologies and drought-adaptation strategies.

Vasquez supports universal background checks, ghost gun bans and red flag laws but does not support a ban on assault weapons.



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