Take Action Ohio

Senate (Open), OH-13 (Open)

Republican Senator Rob Portman’s decision not to seek reelection has drawn considerable interest from both parties. The prime candidate of the four Democrats running is Congressman Tim Ryan OH-13. A moderate who briefly sought the Presidency in 2020, Ryan has already raised about $6 million total toward his Senate campaign in the third QR of 2021. Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown, D, who has served in the Senate since 2007, has endorsed Ryan. But Cook Political Report designates Ohio as Lean R.

The field of Republicans in the Ohio Senate race is extensive. Declared candidates include former Ohio Republican Party Chairwoman Jane Timken; former state treasurer, Josh Mandel, who has run for Senate before; and best-selling author J.D. Vance (“Hillbilly Elegy”). Polls have shown Ryan neck and neck with Timken and Vance, but trailing Mandel in a hypothetical matchup.

The House seat left vacant by Ryan’s decision to seek a Senate slot is in Ohio’s 13th District. Two political unknowns -- one Democrat, one Republican -- have filed to run. Ohio is losing a Congressional seat. The uncertainty of the fate of the 13th and 14th districts no doubt is contributing to a dearth of announced candidates. OH-14 is currently held by Rep. David Joyce, R., who has yet to announce his intentions. In the 14th District, only one Democrat, a newcomer to politics, has announced his candidacy.

Ohio is losing a Congressional seat. The legislature rejected the redistricting plan devised by the state redistricting commission.