Wisconsin’s Fate Reaches Beyond Borders, Years

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“Wisconsin is on a knife’s edge,” Ben Wikler, chair of WisDems, said at this month’s special Zoom event hosted by Together We Elect and Daily Kos.

Wikler wasn’t talking just about the 2022 midterm, though the outcome of that election may help us keep the U.S. House and increase our hold on the Senate.

Wikler’s words also focused on the 2024 election, already looming large in our minds. The former president is making noises about running again to retake his “throne,” and the specter of election fraud at the hands of Republicans inspires nightmares. “Saving democracy” has become an almost empty phrase, but that’s what we are talking about.

“Elections here are devilishly close,” Wikler said. And they have import beyond the borders of Wisconsin. The Republican gubernatorial candidate is willing to overthrow election results. The Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate – Mandela Barnes – could send packing one of the Senate’s powerful voices of conspiracy and misinformation (remember when Ron Johnson touted mouthwash as a Covid cure?).

But there’s good news. “We have the winning message,” Wikler said. “When people hear our message, one-to-one, they move towards us.”

When asked what those of us who don’t live n Wisconsin can do, Wikler said there are two things. “Calling voters makes a big difference. Donating really helps,” he said.

If you missed the Zoom, you can hear Ben Wikler’s enlightening and inspiring appearance, as well as hear from an enthusiastic Wisconsin super volunteer, and Viola Niyizigama, WisDems organizing director. Here’s the Wisconsin event video link.

The Wisconsin Dems have been delivering their message to voters for years. Together We Elect has carefully selected, effective phone banks and texting campaigns that you can sign up for.

Link to our calendar’s Wisconsin actions.

If you haven’t called or texted before or want a refresher, sign up for a one-to-one session with one of our friendly Action Coaches.

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