Susan Wild

Pennsylvania, Congress (PA-07)


U.S. Representative Susan Wild, D, PA-07, was one of the winners in the Blue Wave that rocked the House in 2018. She replaced a retiring GOP incumbent.

Born Wiesbaden Air Force Base in West Germany where her father was stationed, Wild attended American University, receiving a degree in journalism. She later earned a law degree from George Washington University.

After law school, Wild returned to the Lehigh Valley, where she worked as a lawyer in private practice for over three decades. She was appointed the first female solicitor of Allentown, Pennsylvania, in 2015, serving until 2017, when she resigned to run for office in the U.S. House.

On the Issues

Since arriving in Congress, Wild has been a strong advocate for the Lehigh Valley and its people. She has used her position on the House Committee on Education and Labor to push for policies to make higher education more affordable, invest in workforce development, and protect workers' rights.

As a member of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, Wild has also been a leading voice on international issues, particularly those related to human rights and democracy. She has pushed for policies to hold authoritarian regimes accountable, support democratic movements abroad, and promote American values and interests around the world.

While in Congress, Wild has maintained a deep commitment to her constituents and their needs. She is known for her accessibility and her willingness to listen to the concerns of all members of her community, regardless of their political affiliation. She was rated as one of the most bipartisan members of Congress by the independent Lugar Center.

Events and Actions