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Flip: Senate (Open), Holds: PA-17 (Open), PA-7 (Wild), PA-8 (Cartwright)

Pennsylvania represents the single biggest opportunity that Democrats have to flip a Senate seat in 2022. With Sen. Pat Toomey retiring, several strong Democratic candidates have already emerged to compete in the primary whose outcome won’t be known until May 17, 2022. Progressive Lt Governor John Fetterman and moderate Conor Lamb who flipped PA-17 are the most well-known names in the race.

There are also three House seats that will require serious defense in 2022. Conor Lamb’s seat in conservative PA-17 which has only two Democrats declared candidates in the early days of the election cycle, will be the hardest to hold. In addition, Democratic incumbents Susan Wild (PA-08) and Matt Cartwright (PA-08) will likely be facing stiff competition. Wild won by 3.8 points in 2020, and Cartwright won by 3.6 points. Both districts were rated as “toss up” by the Cook Political Report before redistricting, but ratings for this cycle are suspended until after redistricting occurs. Pennsylvania did undergo major court-ordered redistricting in 2019, so its maps likely will change less than other states.



Bob Scheier

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