Take Action Pennsylvania

Senate (Casey), PA-07 (Wild), PA-08 (Cartwright), PA-17 (Deluzio)

Coming off strong wins in local races in 2023, Pennsylvania continues to be a battleground state, and its 19 electoral votes will again be critical to reelect President Biden.

To expand control of the Senate and win the House we must re-elect Senator Bob Casey, and U.S. Reps. Susan Wild, Matt Cartwright, and Chris Deluzio., Legislative races will also determine if we can keep the PA House and win back the PA Senate.
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StateIncumbentPVICook Rating
ArizonaKirsten Sinema (I)R+2Tossup
NevadaJacky Rosen (D)EVENLean D
PennsylvaniaBob Casey (D)R+2Lean D
WisconsinTammy Baldwin (D)R+2Lean D
MichiganOpen (D) (Stabinow)EVENLean D
OhioSherrod Brown (D)R+6Tossup
MontanaJohn Tester (D)R+11Lean D

StateDistrictIncumbentParty in PowerPartisan LeanCook RatingPrimary Date$ Raised (Rep)
AlaskaAK-00Mary PeltolaDR+8Lean D20-Aug
ArizonaAZ-01David SchweikertRR+2Tossup19-Mar
ArizonaAZ-06Juan CiscomaniRR+3Tossup19-Mar
CaliforniaCA-13John DuarteRD+4Tossup05-Mar
CaliforniaCA-22David ValadaoRD+5Tossup05-Mar
CaliforniaCA-27Mike GarciaRD+4Tossup05-Mar
CaliforniaCA-41Ken CalvertRR+3Tossup05-Mar
CaliforniaCA-45Michelle SteelRD+2Lean R05-Mar
CaliforniaCA-47Open (Porter)DD+3Lean D05-Mar
ColoradoCO-03Lauren BoebertRR+7Tossup25-Jun
ColoradoCO-08Yadira CaraveoDEVENTossup25-Jun
ConnecticutCT-05Jahana HayesDD+3Lean D13-Aug
FloridaFL-05John RutherfordRR+11*Tossup20-Aug
IllinoisIL-17Eric SorensenDD+2Lean D19-Mar
IndianaIN-01Frank J. MrvanDD+3Lean D7-May
IowaIA-03Zach NunnRR+3Lean R4-Jun
LouisianaLA-05Julia LetlowRR+17Tossup5-Nov
MaineME-02Jared GoldenDR+6Tossup18-Jun
MichiganMI-07Open (Slotkin)DR+2Tossup6-Aug
MichiganMI-10John JamesRR+3Lean R6-Aug
NebraskaNE-02Don BaconREVENLean R14-May
NevadaNV-03Susie LeeDD+1Lean D11-Jun
New JerseyNJ-07Thomas Kean Jr.RR+1Tossup4-Jun
New MexicoNM-02Gabe VasquezDD+1Tossup04-Jun
New YorkNY-03OPEN -- (Santos)RD+2Lean D25-Jun
New YorkNY-04Anthony D'EspositoRD+5Tossup25-Jun
New YorkNY-17Mike LawlerRD+3Tossup25-Jun
New YorkNY-18Pat RyanDD+1Lean D25-Jun
New YorkNY-19Marc MolinaroREVENTossup25-Jun
New YorkNY-22Brandon WilliamsRD+1Tossup25-Jun
North CarolinaNC-01Don DavisDD+2Lean D05-Mar
North CarolinaNC-06Kathy ManningDD+4Tossup05-Mar
North CarolinaNC-13Wiley NickelDR+2Tossup05-Mar
North CarolinaNC-14Jeff JacksonDD+6Tossup17-May
OhioOH-01Greg LandsmanDD+2Lean D19-Mar
OhioOH-13Emilia SykesDR+1Tossup19-Mar
OregonOR-05Lori Chavez-DeRemerRD+2Tossup21-May
PennsylvaniaPA-07Susan WildDR+2Tossup23-Apr
PennsylvaniaPA-08Matt CartwrightDR+4Tossup23-Apr
VirginiaVA-07Open (Abigail Spanberger)DD+1Lean D18-Jun
VirginiaVA-02Jen KiggansRR+2Lean R18-Jun
WashingtonWA-03Marie Gluesenkamp PerezDR+5Tossup8/6/2024
WisconsinWI-03Derrick Van OrdenRR+4Lean R06-Aug
MichiganMI-08Open (Kildee)DR+1Lean D06-Aug

About the candidates:

  • Casey has served three terms in the Senate and is a member of its Finance Committee, the HELP Committee, the Select Committee on Intelligence and is chairman of the Special Committee on Aging.
  • Wild (PA-07) is seeking her fourth term. A lawyer and former Air Force brat, Wild is focused on lowering prescription drug prices, expanding Medicare, supporting labor and education, and addressing the climate crisis.
  • Cartwright (PA-08), first elected to Congress in 2012, is a former trial attorney who now fights for the hardworking people of his district, working to lower prices, expand access to health care, and foster economic growth.
  • Deluzio is serving his first term. An Iraq War veteran, voting rights attorney, and union organizer, he received a B.S. degree with merit from the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis.

The urban-rural divide remains a defining feature, with cities like Philadelphia and Pittsburgh leaning left, while rural areas tilt right. Navigating this ideological chasm will be a key challenge for candidates vying for congressional seats.

Year-round organizing from the ground up is a winning strategy in Pennsylvaniaf. This can be done through actions like: phone banking, texting, and writing volunteers and voters; providing remote help to county parties and in-state groups; and  sharing news about the tangible benefits that Democratic policies are delivering to voters.



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