Adam Gray

CA-13, whose Democratic incumbent is running in another district, saw Republicans narrowly outvote Democrats in the jungle primary that was held in June. State Assemblyman Adam Gray (D) will face businessman John Duarte (R). The Central Valley district often sees Democrats do better in the fall than in the primary, but the race seems initially competitive enough to move it from Leans D to Toss-up.

Adam Gray is focused on what matters most to the residents of the San Joaquin Valley: health, education, public safety, jobs, and water. He has a strong track record of fighting and delivering for the valley in the State Assembly.

His opponent is president of his family nursery and has made water access for farmers a centerpiece of his campaign. He has been tapped as a “Young Gun” rising star by the national Republican Party. Republicans are expected to invest heavily since they see this district as one of their best chances to pick up a seat.


Adam Gray was born and raised in Merced and put himself through college working at his family’s dairy supply. After school, Adam worked in the State Legislature where he fought to eliminate the Tractor Tax on farm equipment. He eventually returned home to teach a class on the state legislature at UC Merced. When the Great Recession hit, Adam chose to step up and be part of the solution. He was elected to the State Assembly where he has represented Merced County and Stanislaus County for the past decade.

Gray has championed bipartisan commonsense solutions. He was elected by his colleagues to lead the New Democratic Caucus and founded the California Problem Solvers Caucus which brings Democrats, Republicans, and independents together to address California’s most critical issues including homelessness, the pandemic, and drought.

To address the Valley’s historic shortage of doctors, Gray secured more than $200 million to establish a joint medical school at UC Merced and UCSF-Fresno which will enroll its first class in 2023. When Merced County had the highest murder rate in the state, Gray secured $4.5 million to develop a gang violence reduction program that resulted in the arrest of more than 50 gang leaders and the seizure of 21,000 rounds of ammunition. Finally, he bucked his own party leaders by advancing legislation to block the water grab and organized the largest water rights rally the state capitol has ever seen. His efforts paid off when the chief architect of the water grab was removed from the board.


Adam Gray supports a women’s right to determine when or if she starts a family and spent campaign money to enshrine abortion rights into the California Constitution. Gray has been endorsed by the Progressive Turnout Project and has a 90% rating from Equality California, a group that focuses on gender identity and sexual orientation.



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