Frank Mrvan

Frank Mrvan

Congressman Mrvan understands the importance of good-paying jobs and a growing economy that works for everyone.

Republicans controlled redistricting in Indiana and made this once-safe seat, held by Democrats for 90 years, more competitive than ever before. The Indiana 01 district is currently rated D+3, but Cook and Sabato have both listed the district as a toss-up.  

Rep. Frank Mrvan is currently serving in his first term in Congress on behalf of the people of Northwest Indiana where he’s fighting to protect their access to healthcare, working families, and the region’s steel industry. Mrvan is inspired by his dad’s longtime service in the Indiana State Senate, going to the Statehouse to serve the people of the region.

Mrvan is running against Jennifer-Ruth Green who describes herself as unashamedly and unapologetically pro-life “from cradle to grave,” though that doesn’t extend to enacting sensible gun regulations.


Mrvan was born and raised in Hammond, Indiana. After graduating from Oliver P. Morton High School, he earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Ball State University. Mrvan worked as a licensed mortgage broker and pharmaceutical sales representative. In November 2005, he was appointed as the township trustee for North Township, Indiana, when his predecessor resigned.

After Pete Visclosky, the incumbent U.S. representative for IN-01, decided not to run for reelection in 2020, Mrvan announced his candidacyHe was endorsed by Visclosky and the local chapter of the United Steelworkers and beat his Republican opponent with 57% of the vote.


Mrvan is a staunch supporter of women’s rights, which includes the rights to access medical treatment, to have autonomy over their own bodies, and the ability to make their own life decisions.

As Congressman, Mrvan has fought to ensure that our nation makes the investments that are necessary to protect our environment. He believes that “It is past time that the federal government recognizes the value of science and the challenges of pollution and climate change. Workers of Northwest Indiana must have safe working conditions and produce the innovation and alternative energies that are necessary to meet this challenge.”

As North Township Trustee, Mrvan learned about the devastation of gun violence by talking to survivors in his community. These stories stayed with him and motivated his fight for gun safety legislation. In Congress, Mrvan will advocate for legislation to require universal background checks, implement extreme risk laws, and reinstate the assault weapons ban.



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