Why this, why now?

In 2020, we all worked tirelessly to defeat Trump and save democracy. Since the election, we have seen that we were right to see the former President and the Republican party as profound threats to the American democratic system. We know that risks still exist – new voter suppression laws, false audits, the Texas ban on abortion, blocking progress on climate change and immigration – the list goes on.

The Midterms — less than a year away — will be decided by who votes and who does not. In this non-presidential election, historically the party in the White House loses seats. We know that the Republicans will strive to create ever more barriers, making voter contact and voter turnout all the more important.

If we turn out our voters, we win. It is a as simple as that. And that is why Together for 2020 is continuing and is now Together we Elect. And that is why we are continuing our razor focus – to function as a one-stop shop where individuals and groups easily can find strategic and effective ways to work to elect Democrats in the critical races for the House and Senate.

So, join us in this crucial fight to save democracy.

Here’s how it works: This website provides you effective actions related to critical campaigns around the country. Here you can find the states where your time will be well-spent working with fine local groups. You can connect with an action coach to help you get started or improve your own value as a volunteer. You’ll find a community of people who care about our future.

We are here to help, and we have the resources. What we need is you.