Pro-Choice Postcards to Voters in Key States/Districts


Join the movement to elect pro-choice Democrats. The extremist Supreme Court has taken away our freedom and right to abortion. Reproductive freedom is now being outlawed in almost half of the country, and prominent Republicans in the House and Senate have made it clear that they will pursue a federal abortion ban too if given the chance.

This is what happens when Republicans rule. We can be despondent about the past, or we can lay the foundation for a better future. We choose the latter.

We are writing to voters in swing states who are likely pro-choice with a simple message: your freedom is being curtailed, fight back and vote.


1. Fill up the form to request address

Fill up your information, the state/district , and how many postcards you want to send  РHERE:


2. Get postcards and stamps

Purchase them on your own.


3. Receive address list from Activate America


4. Write and Mail Postcards

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