Take Action: Nevada

Senate (Cortez Masto), NV-01 (Titus), NV-03 (Lee), NV-04 (Horsford)

U.S. Senator Catherine Cortez Masto won the Nevada primary with more than 90% of the vote. In November, she will face Adam Laxalt, former state attorney general and Trump-endorsee who won his primary by only 56%. Cortez Masto’s first-term incumbency has led the GOP to pump significant funding into trying to flip this seat. But women voters, moved by the attack on abortion rights, have boosted Cortez Masto’s chances to beat Laxalt, who called Roe v. Wade “a joke,” and who believes Nevada should hold a state-wide vote on a 13-week abortion ban. The first Latina elected to the Senate, Cortez Masto was chosen the third most effective lawmaker in the Senate by the Center for Effective Lawmaking. In US House races, three incumbent Democrats are considered at risk thanks to redistricting.

In NV-01, incumbent U.S. Rep. Dina Titus in November will face a Republican who earned only 30% of the vote in a multi-candidate primary. Titus has outraised Mark Robertson, but the district is rated a tossup. Redistricting shifted Democrats out of NV-01, a historically safe district for Dems. The map lands a tough blow to Titus’ re-election chances and barely gives much to boost Dems in NV-03 and NV-04. Titus is a member of the Pro-Choice Caucus, and voted to pass the Women’s Health Protection Act. Robertson is a Mormon and businessman who supports axing the federal Department of Education and says, “abortion is an affront to the Creator.” The district is a tossup, but Democrats hope Robertson’s stances are outof step with Nevadans who vote.

NV-03 Rep. Susie Lee won the open seat in 2018 by 9 points, but her margin slipped to 3 points in 2020. Lee voted for the 2022 Assault Weapons Ban and Women’s Health Protection Act. Her Republican opponent, April Becker, is a Las Vegas lawyer who opposes gun reform and is endorsed by the National Right to Live. NV-03 is viewed as the state’s most competitive House district.

Democrat Steven Horsford won his seat an open seat in NV-04 in 2018 by 8.2 points. In 2020 he beat his Republican challenger by under 5 points. The Republicans have listed both Horsford’s and Lee’s seats as “offensive pick-up opportunities for the 2022 cycle.” Horsford is facing Republican Sam Peters, a political newbie, insurance company owner, and proud card-carrying member of the NRA. He pledged he will introduce legislation that would outlaw abortion even in cases of rape and permit abortion doctors to be jailed.


StateIncumbentPVICook RatingSabato RatingDem CandidateRep Candidate
2-AugArizonaMark Kelly (D)R+2TossupTossupMark Kelly  ($54,141,015)Blake Masters ($5,074,424)
24-MayGeorgiaRaphael Warnock (D)R+3TossupTossupRaphael Warnock ($84,914,584)Herschel Walker ($20,233,156)
14-JunNevadaCatherine Cortez Masto (D)EVENTossupTossupCatherine Cortez Masto ($18,245,498)Adam Laxalt ($5,506,106)
13-SepNew HampshireMaggie Hassan (D)EVENLean DLean DMaggie Hassan ($15,978,865)Don Bolduc
17-MayPennsylvaniaOpen (R)R+2Lean DTossupJohn Fetterman ($15,099,876)Mehmet Oz ($19,369,709)
9-AugWisconsinRon Johnson (R)R+2TossupLean RMandela Barnes ($4,642,453)Ron Johnson ($10,177,730)
17-MayNorth CarolinaOpen (R)EVENLean RLean RCheri Beasley ($8,635,735)Theodore P Budd ($11,649,582)
3-MayOhioOpen (R)R+6Lean RLean RTimothy Ryan ($11,833,332)J D Vance ($13,515,441)
23-AugFloridaMarco Rubio (R)R+3Lean RLikely RVal Demings ($30,386,818)Marco Rubio ($23,537,885)

StateDistrictIncumbentPVICook RatingDem CandidateRep CandidateCanvassing
AlaskaAKALMary Peltola (Special Election)R+8TossupTossupMary PeltolaMary PeltolaSarah Palin
ArizonaAZ01David Schweikert (R)R+2TossupLean R2-AugJevin D Hodge ($706,318)David S. Schweikert ($645,690)
ArizonaAZ02Tom O'Halleran (D)R+6Lean RLean RTom O'HalleranEli Crane (R)
ArizonaAZ06Open (D)R+3Lean RLean R2-AugKirsten Engel ($1,041,479)Juan Ciscomani ($1,658,991)
CaliforniaCA09Josh Harder (D)D+5Lean DLean D7-JunJosh Harder ($4,233,777)Thomas Patti ($498,400)CA09 CANVASSING
CaliforniaCA13Open (D)D+4TossupTossup7-JunAdam C. Gray ($664,425)John S Duarte ($234,450)
CaliforniaCA22David Valadao (R)D+5TossupTossup7-JunRudy Salas ($460,158)David Valadao ($1,752,035)CA22 CANVASSING
CaliforniaCA27Mike Garcia (R)D+4TossupTossup7-JunChristy Smith ($830,862)Michael Garcia ($3,682,830)CA27 CANVASSING
CaliforniaCA41Ken Calvert (R)R+3Lean RLean R7-JunWill RollinsKen Calvert
CaliforniaCA45Michelle Steel (R)D+2Lean RLean R7-JunJay Chen ($1,964,097)Michelle Steel ($2,744,333)CA45 CANVASSING
CaliforniaCA47Katie Porter (D)D+3Lean DLean D7-JunKatie Porter ($13,268,126)Scott Baugh ($1,368,313)CA47 CANVASSING
CaliforniaCA49Mike Levin (D)D+3Lean DLean D7-JunMike Levin ($2,594,411)Brian L Maryott ($774,200)CA49 CANVASSING
ColoradoCO08New Seat (N)EVENTossupLean R28-JunYadira Caraveo ($567,794)Barbara Kirkmeyer ($291,808)
ConnecticutCT05Jahana Hayes (D)D+3Lean DLean D9-AugJahana Hayes ($1,112,088)George S Logan ($375,091)CT05 CANVASSING
IowaIA03Cindy Axne (D)R+3Lean RLean R7-JunCindy AxneZach Nunn ($695,573)IA03 CANVASSING
IllinoisIL13Open (N)D+3Lean DLean D28-JunNikki Budzinski ($1,438,783)Regan Deering ($113,496)IL13 CANVASSING
IllinoisIL17Open (D)D+2TossupTossup28-JunEric Sorensen ($307,547)Esther Joy King ($2,299,211)IL17 CANVASSING
IndianaIN01Frank J. Mrvan (D)D+3TossupTossup3-MayFrank J Mrvan ($640,557)Jennifer-Ruth Green ($346,964)IN01 CANVASSING
KansasKS03Sharice Davids (D)R+1TossupTossup2-AugSharice Davids ($3,513,158)Amanda Adkins ($1,767,432)KS03 CANVASSING
MaineME02Jared Golden (D)R+6TossupTossup14-JunJared Golden ($2,705,743)Bruce Lee Poliquin ($2,016,947)
MichiganMI03Peter Meijer (R)D+1Lean DLean D2-AugHillary ScholtenJohn Gibbs
MichiganMI07Elissa Slotkin (D)R+2TossupTossup2-AugElissa Slotkin ($4,756,462)Thomas More Barrett ($1,045,254)
MichiganMI08Dan Kildee (D)R+1TossupTossup2-AugDaniel Kildee ($2,192,936)Paul Junge ($207,097)
MinnesotaMN02Angie Craig (D)D+1TossupTossup9-AugAngie Craig ($3,613,413)Tyler Kistner ($1,553,556)
North CarolinaNC01Open (D)D+2Lean DLean D17-MayDon Davis ($450,078)Sandy Smith ($789,108)


North CarolinaNC13Open (R)R+2TossupLean R17-MayWiley Nickel ($466,242)Robert Hines ($1,636,468)


New HampshireNH01Chris Pappas (D)EVENTossupTossup13-SepChris PappasKaroline LeavittNH01 CANVASSING
New HampshireNH02Annie Kuster (D)D+2Lean DLean D13-SepAnnie KusterBob Burns NH02 CANVASSING
New JerseyNJ07Tom Malinowski (D)R+1Lean RLean R7-JunTom Malinowski ($4,555,639)Thomas H. Kean ($1,844,184)


New MexicoNM02Yvette Herrell (R)D+1TossupTossup7-JunGabriel Vasquez ($588,777)Stella Yvette Herrell ($2,397,713)
NevadaNV01Dina Titus (D)D+3TossupLean D14-Jun Dina Titus ($1,030,454)Mark Robertson ($415,107)
NevadaNV03Susie Lee (D)D+1TossupTossup14-JunSusie Lee ($2,927,013)April Becker ($1,009,569)
NevadaNV04Steven Horsford (D)D+3TossupLean D14-JunSteve Horsford ($2,290,819)Samuel James Peters ($654,592)
New YorkNY01Open (R)R+3Lean RLean R23-AugBridget Fleming/key_candidates/bridget-fleming/Nicholas LaLotaNY01 CANVASSING
New YorkNY03Open (D)D+2Lean DLean D23-AugRobert ZimmermanNot available yetGeorge SantosNY03 CANVASSING
New YorkNY17Sean Patrick Maloney (D)D+3Lean DLean D23-AugSean Patrick Maloney/key_candidates/sean-patrick-maloney/Michael LawlerNY17 CANVASSING
New YorkNY18Open (D)D+1Lean DLean D23-AugPat RyanColin SchmittNY18 CANVASSING
New YorkNY19Pat Ryan (D) (special election)EVENTossupTossup23-AugJosh RileyMarc MolinaroNY19 CANVASSING
New YorkNY22Open (R)D+1TossupTossup23-AugFrancis ConoleBrandon WilliamsNY 22 CANVASSING
OhioOH01Steve Chabot (R)D+2TossupTossup3-MayGreg Landsman ($575,540)Steve Chabot ($881,071)


OhioOH09Marcy Kaptur (D)R+3Lean DTossup3-MayMarcy Kaptur ($1,051,851)J R Majewski ($418,741)


OhioOH13Open (D)R+1TossupTossup3-MayEmilia Sykes ($402,292)Madison Gesiotto Gilbert ($409,631)


OregonOR05Open (D)D+2TossupTossup17-MayJamie Mcleod-Skinner ($935,656)Lori Chavez-Deremer ($355,225)


PennsylvaniaPA07Susan Wild (D)R+2Lean RTossup17-MaySusan Wild ($3,006,083)Lisa Scheller ($1,189,912)


PennsylvaniaPA08Matt Cartwright (D)R+4TossupTossup17-MayMatt Cartwright ($2,546,102)Jim Bognet ($713,988)


PennsylvaniaPA17Open (D)EVENTossupTossup17-MayChris Deluzio ($446,030)/key_candidates/chris-deluzio/Jeremy Shaffer ($175,352)


Rhode IslandRI02Open (D)D+4TossupLean D13-SepSeth MagazinerAllen Fung


TexasTX28Henry Cuellar (D)D+3TossupTossup24-MayHenry Cuellar ($3,832,815)Cassandra Garcia ($376,975)
TexasTX34Merged Seat (D)D+9Lean DLean D24-MayVicente Gonzalez ($1,971,149)Mayra Nohemi Flores ($402,736)
VirginiaVA02Elaine Luria (D)R+2TossupTossup21-JunElaine Luria ($3,806,720)Jennifer Kiggans ($1,646,888)


VirginiaVA07Abigail Spanberger (D)D+1Lean DLean D21-JunAbigail Spanberger ($4,246,473)Yesli Vega ($356,105)


WashingtonWA08Kim Schrier (D)D+1TossupTossup2-AugKim Schrier ($4,136,518)Matt Larkin ($398,614)


WisconsinWI03Open (D)R+4Lean RLean R9-AugDerrick Van Orden



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