Take Action: California

Flips: CA-48, CA-39, CA-45, CA-21

California is ripe for four flips in 2022, which would put four more Democrats in the U.S. House. Republican Michelle Steele, 48th District, won in 2020 over Democrat Harley Rouda by 2.2 points. But recent signs show she may be in trouble, and the seat has flipped before. Republican Young Kim, CA 39th District also looks vulnerable. Kim is a first-year congresswoman who won by a mere 1.2 points. Both Steele and Kim are in Orange County, a Republican stronghold that has been turning more purple, as evidenced by their districts’ support of not recalling Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Other potential upsets include Republicans Mike Garcia, CA 45, elected in 2020 by only 333 votes in an open seat race. David Valadao, CA 21 is another first-year congressman. His 2020 victory was a squeaker – 0.8 percent – over a Democrat who had beaten Valadao in the 2018 election.



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