Take Action: California

CA-13, CA-22, CA-27, CA-45, CA-47, CA-49

The Golden State redistricting favored Democrats: Three flippable districts are within reach – 22, 27 and 45. And three formerly competitive Democratic seats are safer: Porter, Harder and Levin.

New potential flips include:
CA-22: David Valadao (R) who currently represents CA-21, is now running in CA-22, but the district has become much more competitive for Democrats at D+6. State assembly rep. Rudy Salas is the only Dem challenger (along with two other Republicans).
In CA-27, Mike Garcia (R) is also more vulnerable as the district PVI is now D+4. Six additional candidates declared - two additional Republicans, three Democrats and an independent. Dem state assemblywoman Christy Smith has raised the most funds, followed by Dem. John Quaye Quartey.
CA-45, Rep. Michelle Steel's (R) district, is also more blue (D+3). Democrat Jay Chan, the only Democratic candidate, will likely challenge her in the general after California's jungle primary in June.

Democratic seats that are now safer, but still competitive, include:
* CA-47 Katie Porter, whose district is D+3 and rated Lean D by Cook. There are three Republicans challenging her.
* CA-13 Josh Harder's district is D+4 and rated Lean D by Cook. There are three Republican challengers and one Democratic one. The largest fundraiser to date is David Giglio (R).
* CA-49 Mike Levin's district is D+6 and rated Likely D by Cook. There are five Republican's challenging him, three of which have raised significant funds. This seat is much safer than the other two Dem holds.

CA-13Josh Harder (D)D+0D+4Lean D
CA-22David Valadao (R)D+5D+6Tossup
CA-27Mike Garcia (R)D+3D+4Tossup
CA-45Michelle Park Steel (R)R+1D+3Tossup
CA-47Katie Porter (D)D+3D+3Lean D



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