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Do you want to see the kinds of activities you can do? Then click on “Pick an Activity“.   Do you care more about where and what particular races you want to work on? Then click on “Pick a State“.   Don’t know what or where?  Then click “Talk with a Coach” and get one-on-one coaching on all the possibilities.

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Pick an Activity

Some you can do on your own (We’ll show you how.) Others are done in person (e.g. canvassing). Some you join an event over Zoom where you learn how and do either on your own or with others on Zoom.

Talking with your neighbors directly is the gold standard in organizing.  If you are in a competitive state or district (or can get to one easily) we can get you started. It’s easier and more rewarding than you think!
Texting is one of the most efficient ways to reach many people quickly, and have real conversations. From your own phone, you use texting software that hides your number and even provides suggested responses.  It’s super-easy and super fun.
Phone friendly voters in key states. You can do it using your own phone. With modern systems, your phone number is not shown and auto-dialers make it very efficient. You are usually talking to democratic voters, reminding them about the upcoming election.
Writing Postcards
Postcarding and Mail is an easy way to get started in activism.  Here you send notes to occasional voters encouraging them to vote or informing them of how to do mail-in voting.
Registering Voters
You can help register voters in key areas in person (through door-to-door or tabling), or remotely via texting or mail.
Social Media Activism
Use your social media skills (e.g., Instagram, Facebook or even, yes, X) to encourage others to vote or get involved. We show you how.

Pick a State

We show you states where we currently offer meaningful actions, that will make a difference today.

Ohio has a ballot initiative on abortion on the ballot this November.  In addition to passing this very important initiative to preserve reproductive rights, it’s considered a precursor to next year’s election in this important swing state.
This fall, every single seat in the Virginia General Assembly will be up for election.In 2021 Republicans flipped the House of Delegates. Volunteering here can flip their House back and set the tone for the 2024 election cycle.